Selling Diabetic Test Strips

Diabetes is one of the human medical problems that must not be taken lightly. However, due to some symptoms of diabetes not being detected in its early stages until it is well too late, blood glucose test strips, or also known as diabetes test strips were created to address the problem of monitoring and controlling the sugar level of the test strip user.

The good thing about these strips is that they are easily available for a diabetes patient. They are commonly sold in drug stores or pharmacies who sell them by the pack, usually in boxes with fifty strips. And like other medical supplies, these test strips also come in different brands, but rest assured that all of them function the same way. These test strips are used commonly by those with type 1 diabetes or any diabetes patient in general.

If you are intending on selling strips to make quick cash, then you can do so by buying large packs or bulks of these strips to avail of discount and then selling them per box or even per piece. Usually, you can earn more by selling them per piece for quick cash . However, you can still sell them by box and earn good money since you have availed of the discount when you bought it.

When buying your supply, make sure that you check the expiration date of these strips to ensure that they are working well and that you or your buyers will not be having problems in the future. Remember that you need to be a trusted seller so you can attract more buyers.  Also, you have to make sure that your supplier is trusted, meaning that they are licensed sellers of these test strips or better yet, you buy your supplies from a drug store or a pharmacy.

You can start selling your supplies to close families or friends so you know that they trust you and so will have better chances of buying from you. From here, you can ask your buyers to recommend you as a supplier when buying test strips so you can get more buyers, therefore more cash for you. Just make sure you establish first your reliability and trustworthiness so you can be sure that they come back to you when they are in need of more strips. And since you will be selling these strips for a higher price than the rug stores, you have to make sure that you can justify your price. You can offer discounts or vouchers to your buyers who have bought a certain number of strips so you can encourage them to buy from you further. You can think of more marketing strategies. Watch to learn more about diabetic test strips.